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Title Insurance provides peace of mind that your title company will stand behind you if a covered title issue or defect arises. Put simply, it protects both the buyer and seller from potential financial loss and legal expenses in the event there is a defect in the title to your property. 

Title searches do not insure the title to a property, but will give you an idea if there is anything in the chain of title to be concerned about. A title search may make sense over title insurance in certain scenarios. 


Green Field


Signing a Contract

A Section 1031 Like-Kind Exchange is a mechanism where a property owner trades one property for another and defers paying tax on the transaction. We are well-versed in simultaneous/straight, deferred, and reverse exchanges.

Contact us if you have any questions. 

We offer escrow services to our customers as needed, No two transactions are identical, so please contact us if you are in need of escrow services. 


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